Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to Think About Next Years Travels.

Traveling to different places around the world is something I have always wanted to do. I have always been an avid reader and I have traveled all over the world through the written word.

I started doing some traveling about twenty-two years ago. My first flight and trip outside the United States was to Barbados for a week by myself. I have been flying ever since. Quite often I go on trips by myself. You might wonder how could I go by myself. I got use to traveling by myself when I went to scientific conferences for my job. Since I am now retired, I have the time to travel as much as I want. My form of art is photography, so my traveling and photography go hand in hand.

This years travels have taken me to San Francisco, Tampa, Barcelona, Carcassonne, small villages along the Rhone and Saone Rivers in France starting in Arles sailing to Lyon, Paris, Connecticut, Massachusetts, San Diego, Trinidad, Grenada and Texas.

So far I know I'll be traveling to New Mexico for a book retreat and Texas for a graduation next year. I'll possibly go to Arizona to visit a friend who moved there this year. I'm seriously contemplating about going on a 13-day cruise on the Nile River. Egypt is one of those places I have read a lot about and I'm always watching something about Egypt on the History channel. So its time to go there and see all that is left to be seen. Some of the time would be spent in Cairo. Other places of interest are Alaska and China.


Gran said...

Wonderful! I'm going to follow your adventures. I want to go to Washington D.C. and Hawaii, but first I want to visit Portland. I'm a book lover, and I must visit Powell's Books.

Dakota Bear said...

I wanted to go to DC for the inauguration, but the day after the elections all the hotels were booked. The trains out of CT and NYC were fully booked. They are expecting 3 to 5 million people, that's too many people for me.

I flew to Hawaii about 2 1/2 years ago then took a cruise to most of the islands. It was wonderful.

I'm a book lover myself. I can go to Border's for one paperback and come home with over $100s worth of books. Right now I have two stacks of books on the floor next to my bed. I don't have enough bookshelves in my house. What is Powell's Books?

Gran said...

It's an independent book store in Portland,

Phils Phun said...

G'day World Traveller
No mention of Australia
Come on down ,you'll love it

Dakota Bear said...

Hello Phils
Australia would be wonderful, but the flight from the East Coast USA is much too long.

Anonymous said...