Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brrr! It's Been Cold

Here in CT it has been very cold for the past five to six days. It's hard to believe the temperature was almost 70 degrees last Saturday and it was only in the 20s this past Saturday with the wind blowing it was even colder. It's a good time to get a warm drink and curl up with a good book.

Today the sun is shining, but the temperature will only be in the 30s. This is just too cold too soon. We are accustomed to and expect cold temperatures in CT, but not this early in the season. I'm still waiting to see the first snowfall. I enjoy seeing the snow blanket everything. I love living in CT because we have four different seasons. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. In the spring as the leaves start coming out on the trees they look all lacy. Flowers are beginning to bloom. There is a fragrant freshness in the air. In the fall the trees become a pallet of vibrant colors. There is a nice crispness to the air. After the leaves fall, it's fun to walk through the crisp leaves on the ground and hear the swish swish sound they make. That puts a smile on my face and brings back joyful childhood memories of making piles of leaves and jumping into the piles.

On Thursday we will be observing Thanksgiving. It will be a time to reflect on why we each have something to be thankful about. We all know the economy is at it's worst in a long time, probably worst than any of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. Its a time for all of us to do our part to help get this country moving in the right direction.

Yes, there is something each and everyone of us can do. It does not have to be something grand every little thing helps. An example is using layaway for Christmas presents instead of using credit cards. I can remember shopping this way in the 70s and 80s. I would go to the store, pick out the items I wanted to purchase, pay the store a certain amount by a given day before Christmas and then I was able to bring the paid for items home. Another idea is to use your talents and make your gifts. Personally made gifts are greatly appreciated, because you realize someone was thinking about you to make the effort and take the time. Another idea is not to give gifts to everyone, but have family members choose a name and spend a specified amount agreed upon by all.

I pray we can all have happy holidays in whatever circumstances we might find ourselves.


Debo Hobo said...

I think this year we are drawing names on Thanksgiving with a specified dollar amount. With the kids grown and having jobs they are able to participate as well. Should be lots of fun and the creative get to enjoy making items as well.

Dakota Bear said...

Since I'll be there, put my name in the mix and pull a name for me.

Gran said...

Nice blog, Dakota. I hope you, and (Debo, of course), had a wonderful holiday. I've subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader.

Gran said...

And stay warm!

Dakota Bear said...

Welcome Gran,
I'm new at blogging. Debo introduced me to the idea. I go to her whenever I run into a problem when I try to introduce a new feature. Now I need to step up and write more frequently.

Anonymous said...

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