Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wildlife in the Woods

Living in the woods I get to see various creatures. This fall I had the thrill of seeing wild turkeys strolling across my neighbors property and then walking onto my driveway.

My favorite nemesis, white-tail deer are always present. We have a constantly ongoing match about how many of my plants I'm going to keep them from eating and how many they actually eat. I was the winner for most of this years growing season. They did manage to clean out a large pot of red impatiens in late September.

Yesterday, I finally got to see how efficient the cylinder like birdfeeder hanging from a tree branch worked to keep squirrel's at bay. It was hilarious. A fat grey squirrel made it's way across the branch. He leaped onto the birdfeeder and the birdfeeder closed do to his weight. Than he tried upside-down to work his way down the birdfeeder, but it stayed closed. After awhile he gave up.(ha!ha!ha!)

Today as I sat at the table eating breakfast and enjoying a cup of tea looking out the window I saw a herd of approximately seven white-tail deer. They were busily meandering their way down and across the hill while foraging for food. They are interesting to watch as long as they are not eating my plants. I wonder which creatures I will see tomorrow.


Debo Hobo said...

That's cool....

Did you know the squirrels back home are gray and the ones out here are brown?

Gran said...

Wow! Those turkeys look big!