Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Theme=Ten

How Do We Look At the Number Ten?

  • We see the number ten as perfection.
  • When a baby is born the first thing the new parents do is count the number of fingers and toes, we’re looking for ten of each.
  • When we go bowling there are ten pins to knock down to get a strike.
  • When we are asked to evaluate something it is generally 1=totally dissatisfied and 10=extremely satisfied.
  • Biblically we were taught the Ten Commandments and to tithe (1/10) part of our income. There are numerous incidents of the number ten in the Bible. More info click here
  • There are ten pennies in a dime, ten dimes in a dollar and ten ten dollars in one hundred dollars.


1 = One
2 = Two
3 = Three
4 = Four
5 = Five
6 = Six
7 = Seven
8 = Eight
9 = Nine
10 = Ten


I = 1
II = 2
III = 3
IV = 4
V = 5
VI = 6
VII = 7
VIII = 8
IX = 9
X = 10


Alpha = 1
Beta = 2
Gamma = 3
Delta = 4
Epsilon = 5
Stigma * = 6 *
Zeta = 7
Theta = 9
Iota = 10


Aleph = 1
Beth = 2
Gimel = 3
Daleth = 4
He = 5
Vau = 6
Zayin = 7
Chet = 8
Teth = 9
Yod = 10

Here is a cute nursery rhyme.

Ten Fingers
(A fingerplay)

I have ten fingers hold up both hands, fingers spread
And they all belong to me, point to self
I can make them do things-
Would you like to see?

I can shut them up tight make fists
I can open them wide open hands
I can put them together place palms together
I can make them all hide put hands behind back

I can make them jump high hands over head
I can make them jump low touch floor
I can fold them up quietly fold hands in lap
And hold them just so.

Aah! The number ten might be the number of perfection, but number seven is the number of completion. Happy 10th week of Thursday Theme to everyone.


Ronda Laveen said...

I played along with the hand poem. Very fun. I give this a "10."

The Clever Pup said...

Very nice. I can still hear the Sesame street voice. Really thorough and well-researched post. I had no idea IOTA meant 10.

Mrsupole said...

The video was cute, I never knew so much about 10, I enjoyed all the information about 10. I feel like I want to print this all out, just so I will give my brain a grade of 10 for being intelligent with numbers. Yes, I guess we base so much on the number 10.

But I play craps when in Vegas and oh how I love that number 7 on the first roll, after that I am afraid of the number 7 and yes it does complete the game. Never knew that one either.

Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed this post.

Mariane said...

I learn english by listening to sesame street. Nice post :o) Love the 10 in different langage.

Wings said...

Very cute! x 10! :)

Marianna said...

10+ from me lol

Happy Theme Thursday :-)


VE said...

Nice post. You covered the gamet of 10. I prefer to think of Bo Derek running on the beach from the movie "10". As it turns out, that was her IQ too!

Colette Amelia said...

Wow a very learned post! It is great to see all the ingenuity that so many I was stumped!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Fun post. I enjoyed seeing 10 Little Indians again. :-)

willow said...

I remember that Sesame Street song from when my kids used to watch. It'll be in my head all day now! :)

Dakota Bear said...

Ronda-it was fun doing the hand movements, glad you had fun as well.

Sesame Street songs are catchy. I didn't know the meaning of Iota myself.

Mrsupole-the numbers 10 and 7 play a significant part in our lives.

Mariane-Sesame Street has been the early age teacher of many of our children.

Wings-thank you for your visit.

Marianna-thank you for your visit as well.

VE-that's an extremely low number for an IQ. Never saw her as perfection, than everything is in the eye of the beholder.

Colette-thank you, I learned if you are stumped think outside of the box.

Lizzy-I learned it as a child, I don't know if it is politically correct these days.

Willow-songs in the head are sometimes annoying, at least this is a cute one.

Tom said...

It's all Greek to me!

I loved The Count on S.S, did he ever count as high as ten?

Dakota Bear said...

Tom-I don't have knowledge of the Count counting to ten.

Dot-Com said...

Hmmm, maybe all of your reasons is why ten is my back-up. But I still like eleven better :-)

Debo Hobo said...

Yes I remember you teaching us The Ten Little Indians.

10 is unique in its on way, it is the first double digit number.

And, it is both skinny and fat!

Dakota Bear said...

Dot com-the is not my favorite number either, I prefer seven.

Debo-It's among the many things I taught you as a child.

Interesting it's both skinny and fat.

lettuce said...

nice post. i hoped someone would post Sesame St.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! We especially liked the singing turtles. Our Mama said she hadn't thought of that song for many years:)

Anonymous said...

Very good post, Dakota- I had not thought of any of these. I remember counting digits when my children were born!

Dakota Bear said...

Lettuce-someone else posted about Twelve Ladybugs.

Tristan & Crikey-happy you enjoyed it.

Cinnamon-yes, I remember using many different songs to count the digits with my five children when they were young, that was a long time ago now I do it with my grandchildren.

Anna said...

Hey-I like the 10 song. I remembered the ladybugs but found out afterward that it was 12, which is okay. Thanks for the other explorations of 10.

Jaime said...

that 10 song has a way of sticking in your head, doesn't it?

Evening Light Writer said...

At the library that I work at the ladies who do the story times still do counting rhymes..I've actually heard a room full of children doing something very similar to is adorable!

Dakota Bear said...

Anna-I liked the ladybug song as well.

Jaime-yes the song sticks in your head, that might be why children are able to learn their numbers when they watch Sesame Street.

ELW-its wonderful seeing little children learn.

Gran said...

An off the chart post! Thanks. I had trouble getting the video to load, but it's my fault. My fast as lightning internet service (usually a #10), is about a #3 tonight).

Dakota Bear said...

Gran-happy you enjoyed the post. Sometimes these internet services are a real pain.

Megan said...

So glad someone put up some Sesame Street!

Very nicely done, Dakota.

Dakota Bear said...

Megan-Anna has a Sesame Street song as well.

Baino said...

I used to know a hand poem so similar to that! One thing that has always made me smile re America is that you have a decimal currency but still weight things in pounds! (secret confession .. I still watch Sesame Street when I'm on leave!)

Gabby said...

I love Sesame Street! I'll be singing 10 little indians in my dreams tonight.
A great little trip down memory lane.

Kris said...

And there are those couple of "10" songs that I think aren't sung any more as well.

tony said...

yea, its strange You mention number 7.Me to! Interesting how we put subjective value to numbers......Great Post.have A fine Weekend.

Coffee Messiah said...

Wow, you out did yourself on this one.


Kitty said...

The APGAR scale when a baby is born is on a 10 scale, and when you're in labor, they ask you to rate your pain on a 10 scale. What is it with 10 and medicine?

Betty said...

I enjoyed your post - very interesting. I said the counting poem to my children when they were small, too!

Auntie, aka cagny said...

I agree with ronda,
I give your post a "10".
very thoughtful, dak bear.

reyjr said...

:D I didn't have a Theme Thursday post this week, but I enjoyed your little facts about 10. I loved Sesame Street as a child! :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ach! Got my comments mixed up! Sorry DB! I never learned this much in school! And the vid jogs my memory( yikes! that was so long ago )...

Films.... said...

Hi! Dakota Bear,
What a very nice post on a scale of 1 to a 10!

Tks,for sharing!
Deedee :-D

Anonymous said...

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