Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trip to Egypt Segment Two

The next morning (Monday) we had a three AM wakeup call to leave the hotel at four AM for the trip to the Cairo airport for a six AM flight to Luxor, Egypt. Our group consisted of sixteen people from throughout the United States and Canada plus our tour guide/cruise director. Once we arrived in Luxor, after gathering all our luggage, we boarded a Tour coach bus and went to visit the Temple of Karnak. Late in the afternoon we went to see the Temple of Luxor which was lit. Both of these Temples are spectacular sites to see. In between visiting the temples we boarded the brand new Uniworld riverboat named the River Tosca. We  found the ship a bit disappointing, because the workmanship was shoddy. However the service had been great and the food was very good. Note: Uniworld took the boat out of service for repairs and the boat is now sailing again.

Karnak: Temple of Amun


We were told if we walked three times counterclockwise around the statue of the Scarab Beetle our wishes would come true. The height of the pillars are unbelievable even when you are there standing among them. All the engravings on the wall, pillars and obelisk are breathtaking.

Luxor Temple

The Luxor temple is smaller than Karnak, but it was no less impressive. Seeing it in the late afternoon lit up with lightening made it even a more spectacular sight.

Egypt Trip Segment One


Gran said...

I agree about the late afternoon lighting! I love these

Ms. Freeman said...

Well? Did you walk around the pillars three times?

Your photos are so awesome! :)

Baino said...

Really enjoying your trip. It's hard to imagine how old those engravings are isn't it. They're so clear and beautiful. I took ages looking at your photos. Wonderful.

Dakota Bear said...

Gran-It was fabulous.

Ms Freeman- yes I walked around the Scarab beetle statue three times. Wouldn't you?

Baino- It was just so unbelievable. What I understand is a lot of this was buried under sand and that is what helped to preserve many things in Egypt.

Ms. Gibson said...

Oh your photos are magnificent! That clear blue sky! The temples are unforgettable. Great shots!

Did you see any of the ancient graffiti? There were some there...

Dakota Bear said...

Ms Gibson-yes I saw the graffiti and the Coptic writings in some of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

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