Sunday, December 9, 2007

Grey Day

It's a grey day and we are expecting some snowy/icy weather tonight. But it gives me an opportunity stay indoors and watch the New England Patriots do there thing once again.
I'm on a new fitness plan, so this weather is putting a kink into my outdoor exercise. But I'm using the exercise equipment I have in my home; mainly the Gazelle and the Aeropilate equipment. I'm also keeping a food log for the first time. I'm finding it very helpful. I joined Bob Greene's Bestlife program last Sunday. I have seen progress at the end of the first week, thats very encouraging.


Debo Hobo said...

Hi Dakota Bear,

Weather can be a hindrance to any exercise plan. It is good to know that you are able to still do some workouts at home until the weather get better.

It looks like your Pats will be meeting my Boys in the Super Bowl this. At least that is what we are hoping for down here.

Dakota Bear said...

Go Pats. They are tooooo good. Pats vs Boys would be perfect.

Icy conditions have caused me to reschedule my mam exam until the end of January. That doesn't make me happy.

It's tough trying to get in 10,000 steps, because the weather is terrible around here.
The soreness I have had since doing 16 minutes of cardio on the aeropilate equip. is finally subsiding. I guess that means its time to get back on it again.

Anonymous said...